The RealPartner Philosophy


"The best for the group comes when everyone in the group does what's best for himself AND the group"

This quote from Professor John Nash, the Nobel Prize winning economist, epitomizes the RealPartner Philosophy. 

Perhaps this is an oversimplification, but we feel Professor Nash would agree with this simple statement: 

Each of us becomes stronger when we all work together.

RealPartner® is a financial solutions company comprised of seasoned professionals who are committed to promoting consumer advocacy by utilizing advanced legal and financial technologies

We are focused on cooperative solutions aimed at creating optimal results,  thereby improving the entire process for all parties involved.  

Unlike usual buy/sell transactions, our services are designed to empower and motivate the parties to work together save time and money through our mutually beneficial solutions. 

The RealPartner® philosophy of fostering a cooperative financial and real estate solution is based on a proven economic theory known as the Nash Equilibrium.

Nash’s theory states that the best results for everyone in a group are obtained when all the members of a group agree to work within a shared solution strategy that focuses on what’s best for themselves and what’s best for the group.

Nash’s theory both enhanced and disproved a former theory from Adam Smith, another famous economist. Smith's theory stated that “the best results come for the group when everyone does what’s best for themselves” with no mention of any shared strategies.

Regrettably, Smith’s out-of-date “everyone out for themselves” theory is exactly how we’ve been conditioned to do business, and how the world still continues to work in most business transactions. Even if a more beneficial group strategy did in fact exist, these parties would never realize it on their own because they are not conditioned to think or communicate like a group.  

Each only reasons unilaterally, with their own individual strategies; each one solely focused on their own maximum benefit.  With no group strategy to consider there is no opportunity for shared communication that could otherwise provide a better equilibrium benefit for all parties.

RealPartner®'s Asset Recovery Service (ARS)™ and Closing Tax Credit (CTC)™ Programs open such communication by introducing shared solution strategies and techniques that can maximize profit and efficiency, and simultaneously save the most money.  We deliver a low cost collaboration of services utilizing our proprietary technologies to ensure a smooth transaction, thus benefiting everyone involved.

The RealPartner® methodology is truly a revolutionary and efficient solution for financial transactions, and proves that the best results are achieved for persons and for business, when everyone is encouraged to work together in a common strategy that delivers what’s best for the individual and the group. This method provides the best results for everyone, every time.

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