The RealPartner Philosophy


"The best for the group comes when everyone in the group does what's best for himself AND the group"

This quote from Professor John Nash, the Nobel Prize winning economist, epitomizes the RealPartner Philosophy. 

Perhaps this is an oversimplification, but we feel Professor Nash would agree with this simple statement: 

Each of us becomes stronger when we all work together.

RealPartner® is a real estate, legal, and financial solutions company comprised of seasoned real estate industry professionals committed to a philosophy of consumer advocacy and advanced legal and financial processes

We are focused on cooperative solutions aimed at optimizing real estate transactions,  thereby improving the entire process for all parties involved.  

Unlike normal practices that pit buyer vs. seller in transactions, our legal and financial services are designed to empower and motivate sellers and buyers to work together and enable both parties to save time and money through our mutually beneficial programs. 

The RealPartner® philosophy of fostering a cooperative financial and real estate solution is based on a proven economic theory known as the Nash Equilibrium.

Nash’s theory states that the best results for everyone in a group are obtained when all the members of a group agree to work within a shared solution strategy that focuses on what’s best for themselves and what’s best for the group.

Nash’s theory both enhanced and disproved a former theory from Adam Smith, another famous economist. Smith's theory stated that “the best results come for the group when everyone does what’s best for themselves” with no mention of any shared strategies.

Regrettably, Smith’s out-of-date “everyone out for themselves” theory is exactly how we’ve been conditioned to do business, and how the industry still continues to work in most real estate and business transactions…and it’s absolutely wrong!  

Let’s say for example Sammy Seller and Barry Buyer are engaged in a typical real estate negotiation.  Under Smith’s theory, Sammy is making the best decisions he can for himself, which is to get the highest price for his house.  

Barry is doing much the same thing, contemplating the best strategy to save the most money on his purchase.  Meanwhile, each individual company involved in the transaction is focused on their own independent strategies that will deliver best for their individual business and profit.

Now, even if a more beneficial group strategy did in fact exist, these parties would never realize it on their own because they are not conditioned to think or communicate like a group.  

They only reason unilaterally, with their own individual strategies; each one solely focused on their own maximum benefit.  With no group strategy to consider there is no opportunity for shared communication that could otherwise provide a better equilibrium benefit for all parties.

RealPartner®'s Closing Tax Credit (CTC)™ Program opens such communication by introducing shared solution strategies and techniques that can maximize Sammy’s profit and efficiency, and simultaneously save Barry the most money.  We deliver a low cost collaboration of services with cooperative financing to ensure a smoother process and closing transaction, thus benefiting everyone involved.

RealPartner® members evaluate the property at the listing stage, and apply sophisticated legal strategies to determine the actual CTC™ and maximum savings potential of the individual property. We then leverage these little known tax savings and discounts by means of a well marketed campaign to attract more buyers with incentives and closing cost discounts providing a faster and more profitable sale.

Simultaneously, RealPartner®'s CTC ™ Program motivates buyers by saving them thousands of dollars with a state CTC™, closing costs incentives, and special cooperative services provided through member financing companies, making it easier for buyers to buy.  

These strategies only work when all the parties in a group agree that this method is the best strategy to follow.

Now that both Sammy and Barry have mutually benefited more by participating in this RealPartner®  shared solution strategy, the next best group strategy for securing the entire transaction is to secure the financing before the contract with a Pre-Approval, right?  Wrong!  

We have all become so conditioned to rely on a Pre-Approval when making financing decisions, but the truth is that bank Pre-Approvals are merely computerized credit decisions that have since been rendered unreliable by today’s stricter mortgage guidelines which require more than just good credit to qualify; complete income, asset and employment information and documentation reviewed and approved by an underwriter provides the only decision that indicates any borrower’s real ability to obtain a mortgage. 

Regrettably, banks today are also just “out for themselves” and will not participate in any group strategy and will not render any underwriting decisions until after appraisals are paid for and contracts have been signed. 

This risky Pre-Approval process terminates over 50% of real estate transactions with ultimate mortgage denials.  Despite this fact, instead of investing money to update this defective service procedure for the good of the industry, the latest cost-cutting independent strategy the banks have come with is to eliminate the Pre-Approval process altogether!

Only The RealPartner® Program offers an innovative and affordable financing solution that truly helps secure the transaction thus benefiting everyone involved.

Our Real Loan Approval™ Service is a no cost underwriting decision based on the buyer’s entire application and full documentation that gets issued before the contract, instead of after, thus enhancing prudent decisions and safeguarding the entire transaction for everyone involved

The Real Loan Approval™ System provides a better overall financial strategy that drastically increases the success of the entire transaction by approving a borrower’s entire loan application with an underwriter first before risking valuable time and money on appraisals, inspections and purchase contracts. After all, unless there’s an ultimate closing transaction, Sammy doesn’t sell, Barry can’t buy, the services involved (real estate legal and financial companies) don't make any profit and all the parties risked and lost valuable time and money.

In summation, when both Sammy and Barry mutually agree in strategy to utilize RealPartner®'s cooperative real estate, legal and home financing solutions, they both benefit more in profit, savings and overall security of the transaction as opposed to choosing any other independent method, strategy or company.

The RealPartner® methodology is truly a revolutionary and efficient solution for real estate transactions, and proves that the best results are achieved for customers and for business, when everyone is encouraged to work together in a common strategy that delivers what’s best for the individual and the group. This method provides the best results for everyone, every time.

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